Kaikoura Whale Run [12 March 2022]

Kaikoura Whale Run [12 March 2022]

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Run, Walk, Half Marathon, Kids & Family Run Kaikoura Canterbury

From $5 to $55 Half Marathon, 12km, 5km and MaraFun

The Kaikōura Whale Run has been postponed to the 12th of March 2022 due to Covid-19 in our community.

Now in it’s 15th year, the Kaikōura Whale Run is organised by Kaikōura Suburban School and offers a half marathon, 12km, 5km and MaraFun run for kids aged 8 and under. The half marathon, 12km and 5km distances can be run or walked.

The half marathon has a new course in 2021 and will spend minimal time on the road. Participants will enjoy the bush, cross several creeks (you might get wet feet), stop banks, farm tracks, gravel roads and some good elevations and great views of the mountains, native bush and Kaikōura Peninsula.

The event is a fundraiser for Kaikōura Suburban School and was created to encourage people to have a get fit project over winter to feel great for the summer.

More Details:- https://mynextchallenge.co.nz/events/run/kaikoura-whale-run/